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  " each person’s cancer is individual to them... cheap viagra "   about cup do you realise how unequal cancers are? generic viagra shipped from usa Cancer of unknown primary lacks most of the things that other cancer groups take for granted: a clear definition specialists research and clinical trials clinical guidelines patient information and support a voice and a representative consumer group a public profile – including in the health sector until recently, this cancer has been mostly invisible and unaddressed in the australian health care system.   people with cup have many different types of cancer, but share one thing in common - the primary, or main cancer, cannot be identified. buy viagra online cheap free shipping   they are scattered throughout the system, treated by a range of specialists depending on factors like symptom presentation and possible primary. cheapest price on viagra It's a startling fact that 3-5% of people with cancer never know where their cancer originated. sale of viagra Cancer is named after the site where it began, e. viagra without prescription usa G. cheap viagra generic Lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, etc. viagra use women This is called the ‘primary’ or main cancer. viagra time kick If the cancer spreads to other parts of the body it is still referred to by the site of the primary, and the distant cancers are called ‘secondaries’ or ‘metastases’. is it safe to buy generic viagra People with cup have been diagnosed with some form of metastatic cancer, i. viagra time kick E. generic prescription viagra A cancer that has spread from somewhere else in the body, but the main or primary cancer cannot be located even after thorough investigations. viagra 5mg tablets price No one knows why. how many viagra pills in a prescription There are several possible reasons: the body has already got rid of it, it may be too small to be seen, or the cancer may have metastasised very quickly.   it's just not known. Cup is made up of many cancers with different histories, symptoms, patterns of spread and outcomes. viagra generic buy online Each person’s cancer is individual to them. Current cancer treatments rely on the identification of the primary to direct tumour-specific therapies even when the cancer has spread to other parts of the body. Viagra long time use   common treatments include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, hormone treatment and any combination, depending on cancer type and spread. viagra cost at cvs   for people without an identified primary, i. Viagra viagra women E. Those with cup, the treatment picture is less clear.   treatment is an estimate taking into account a range of factors such as symptoms, spread of the cancer etc. generic viagra price comparison What the statistics say about cup in australia in 2007 (most recent figures) 1 cancer of unknown primary was: the eighth most common cancer diagnosis the seventh most common for women and ninth for men - in total 2897 new diagnoses (p12) the fifth most common cause of death from cancer following lung, breast/prostate, bowel and lymphoid cancers (p23) a bigger killer of australians (2344) than road. Viagra safe pregnant viagra need prescription